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How in the wrong am I?

So I work in a bar with the majority of my friendship group. One of my friends y (19) has been in an on and off relationship with a bouncer t (28). Well they “broke up” a few months ago and it was extremely messy, a lot of things were said and it didn’t end well for anyone involved. A few weeks later Y told me they were back togethor and a load of **** about him. A couple of nights later Y absolutely hangs me out to dry on a night out. She avoids me the whole night, turns me away when I run to her to get away from someone making me uncomfortable and tops it off by telling everyone else we were with that she’s sick of being my “babysitter”. This upsets me so I rant to my other friend R (23) and included some things I felt were weird about Y and Ts relationship. I was unaware R and T spoke to eachother as R does not work with us and is uninvolved in the friendship group. Well R told T everything I said that Y said to me. This put Y and Ts relationship and stand still with no take backs. I was horrendously blamed for this and called a gossip and that I can’t be trusted etc. and that I told “everyone” since then Y has been pretty awful behind my back. She makes up things people have said about me and essentially told me every bouncer thinks I’m annoying childish and a drunk. I will receive compliments on nights out from shot girls etc and she will instantly tell me “they just wanted you to buy stuff” (whether that’s true or not why not let me have the compliment). I got a raise at work and I was extremely excited and she told me it was all because she told them too. (Again if that’s true just let me be proud of myself) (she also is no level higher than me at work).
So moving on to current time, Y has been friends with this girl “Rosa” no one has met this girl, she has no socials she never leaves the house and apparently they met after Y banged on the wrong house while drunk. She also happened to live next door to T. I find out none of this is true and “Rosa” is in fact T.
So Saturday night after work I was speaking to T in general, I grow some balls and ask if it is true that he and everyone else finds me annoying childish and a drunk, he acts surprised and says what are you talking about. I snap and ask him if he’s “Rosa”, and defend myself about the past situation where I only told R, anyone else who knew was told by Y. So T goes home and accuses Y of such and such (it turns out he was Rosa) now there relationship is completely over again and apparently it’s all my fault. I’ve been uninvited to group functions and all my friends have taken a Ys side. There’s no point me telling my side to any of them because no one will listen. Y has told everyone I’m a liar and can’t be trusted. I know I made a mistake speaking to T but I got tired of all the ********. How in the wrong really am i?
Did Y tell you those things in confidence, or was it personal to the degree that it should have been implied?
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Aren't yous all a bit old for this schoolyard stuff?
Meh, wrong enough, undeniably a workplace s**t stirrer and not surprising to be shunned past a point.

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