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Revising resources for English lit

Hi I’m studying 3 texts for my lit gcse
Inspector calls
Christmas carol
Power and Conflict anthology

I have not read the texts properly and I’m looking to read and learn it myself at home and I’m have troubles
The text is confusing so anyone know which textbook will help me cgp York notes or mr bruffs textbooks

Or any others

I’m looking to get a high grade

Please put the links for any other resources or books
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Cultural background in terms outfit.
Wealth factor
Emotive reasoning
Cause and effect emotive
Feeling from 3 rd person perspective drawing out conflict the story ark
Theme background primary colours contrast: pink suggest love or chick flick.
Do you support the character behaviour?
Stereotype ark
Who is leading why the writer wanted this to be a role model
Personal trait: peace maker or something like a job interview looking for something.
Quote explicitly: it is forcing character to act this why did it do that. What his motive.
Quote implicit: what hidden structure of sensitive social cues like did outfit covers to poster, portray, policy like manners, problematic attention seeking from girls short or open skin.
Reading quality: rhyming to make the reader remember.
End sounds: add features of feeling of feedback of sounds maybe a footsteps or inanimate object.
Short verb words: a commands or strict or showcase a impulse.
Long sentences : to highlight or foreshadowing to alert the reader this is important or reading to build a settings.
Space words: person about to have dialogue, Speach taken turns and follow up called for response.
Punctuation: shows the flow of the content, adding extra bit of the storyline(-), listing of the content (A,B,C and D), affirmative expression (?!) and “keeping record of a person saying”
Vocabulary: character choice of words convinced: is this person smart, drunk, happy, overall top.

character choice of words contains: rude (cut-throat foul words) degrading ( making person sad) tempting (crafty manner to make a person hooked and do good or bad)
Wisdom ( to give advice or to stand out to question their values in real life)

character choice of words To cross check nationality background: sense of promise( American dream) sense of surprise (birthday or news or gesture)

character choice of words To cross Power hierarchy: informal ( family) friendly tone, bossy tone( harsh words) directed words( calling by their names)

Use a Dictionary: words meaning
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mr everything english is really good - his youtube videos are great also mr bruff is great. the inspector calls cgp textbook is really useful - cgp english lit and power & conflict textook cgp is realy useful. create mindmaps for your charecter anyalysis's
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