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Vet med dissections

I am in my first year of vetsxhool and am looking for some reassurance/ advice.
So I’ve never had an issue with blood, surgeries, dissections etc. but the last time I did a dissection, one of my friends fainted and threw up really badly and it scared me. I’m an emetephobe, with pretty high anxiety and this has really ruined the whole idea of a dissection for me. I know that it is essential for this course, and I was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to cope with the concept of people around me who may not deal with it well, and how to reassure myself that it won’t happen to me!? Additionally, what we’re some of the animals i can expect to dissect on my first year just so I can watch some videos to prepare.
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It does sound as though it could be challenging. It's always hard to know how you are going to react in these circumstances.

Lots of people here have the same concerns about human dissection I think! But as this is the med school forum we might not be best placed to help with your vet med requirements questions.

Might be best to repost in the Vet Med forum?

Good luck with the next stages of your career.

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