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IB Law/Social Science Subject Selections

I'm sure this question has been asked a million times before, but does my particular combination of subjects conform to the preferences of UK universities (UCL, etc..)?
If not, then are the subjects suitable for going into social sciences?
HL Geography
HL Global Politics/Psychology (which one if preferable? my current IG GP teacher is considering opening an IB GP class and is gauging interest right now)
HL English LAL
SL AA Maths
SL Chinese B
I'm not taking history as it has been described as extremely difficult to me. Will this further impact my chances?
There are no required IB HL subjects for Law - you just need high grades.
Most people find an essay based subject like History, Politics, Sociology etc is useful for 'skills' but its not essential.
Its similar for most other Social Science degrees - usually the entry requirements don't specify any HL subjects.

Pick three HL subjects that you enjoy studying - and where you feel confident of high grades.

Look at the IB entry requirements for any degree subjects that interest you at these Unis :
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Liverpool - Subjects - Courses - University of Liverpool

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