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If I am underweight, why do I have periods every month?

Like surely I wouldn't have periods?
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Yes, they can. Being underweight or overweight due to disordered eating will impact your hormone balance and may cause irregular periods, frequent periods, or loss of periods

Do underweight people get their periods.....
Hormone levels are affected by your weight and the amount of fat on your body. If you are underweight, with too little body fat, you may skip periods. Too much fat can also lead to missed periods or heavy periods.

Can being underweight mess with your period......
Losing too much weight can cause periods to be less regular or stop completely.
This can happen if your body fat drops so low that you stop ovulating, or releasing an egg from an ovary each month.

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Like surely I wouldn't have periods?

Hopefully this may help but any concerns about your immediate health issues especially periods then speak to your GP asap about it. Every girl/ women bodies are different in how things are affected by weight.

NHS midwife.

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