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Following the crowd at work?

I feel there's a lot of scrutiny in my work that if we don't copy each other, like ordering the same food/drinks or doing a course which is a optional thing... that we are perceived as being snobs

I got called out because I decided to order a different drink to everyone else on my team.

At work, there's a upcoming course which is optional, it's not in my field as it's very technical. I personally don't want to go as there are other things in my job that I need to learn and get better at.

I'm anxious that my colleagues would think I'm just being snobbish and not being a good team member.

It's something which I want to learn in the future, I'm just not ready to learn it right now

any advice?
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Are you sure this is really happening and that you are not being over anxious about it all? Carefully consider everything you know to be fact, rather than what you think might be happening.

If this is really happening I don't know how many there are in your team but it sounds to be a toxic team. You need to find your supervisor (unless they are part of the same toxic team) and find out exactly which courses you need and when. It matters not what your colleagues think about this. This is your own personal training and development and it may differ greatly to someone else in your group.

Hold your ground but do it in a gentle pleasant way. This behaviour is not normal and would have come about because one of the team 'leaders' is probably very insecure. You will probably find that others in your team will feel the same way as you do but are reticent to speak up.

I'm not sure how you mean that you have been 'called out' for buying a different drink. If there is a difference in price over and above the other drink then make sure this is rectified - otherwise enjoy what you purchase and look for another job if this draconian issue continues.

There is conformity, but conformity at all costs?

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