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Was anyone able to cope with AS Level but not A2?

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For me it was the other way around, Maths Physics and Computer Science. Year 12 was really challenging especially Physics as it challenges your way of thinking and requires very good problem solving skills. Hence Year 12 provided enough practice to get the hang of things. Year 13 makes more sense, interesting and fun. The workload definitely sky rocketed.
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Hi @Anony345533

I found A2 a noticeable step up from AS and struggled at first with some of the content. What helped me was to really consolidate my AS knowledge as A2 builds upon AS and then just to practice by doing exam questions and revising the A2 content. It won't necessarily come quickly and will take time but as long as you keep at it and ask your teachers on bit you are unsure it should start to make sense and come together.

Hope this helped :smile:

Original post by Anony345533

Hi @Anony345533,

Your concern is not foreign, and in fact many students do find the early stages of the transition between AS and A2 relatively hard to adjust to. But from experience, I'd like to say that it does soon start to make more sense. A lot of AS content is incorporated into A2, therefore if you found AS a lot more manageable then with time you'll find it easier to understand.

I recommend that you take a few hours after college to revise the content you learnt that day, I found that revising the same topics after school helps me solidify and understand the content long-term. Practice paper questions will be your best friend, grind them as much as you can (in manageable amounts of course!)

All the best,
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