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Clearing and getting into a good university

Hi, I just wanted to get someone's opinion or if anything similar has happened to anyone. I had offers through UCAS but due to a complication that I did not have control over (me getting my VISA and Biometric Residence Permit) I lost my place in the university and had to apply for another course through clearing.

I got accepted by the university I applied through clearing and have completed the interview, and all the other requirements required. But due to the complication with my BRP, I still have not started university and am catching up with the university work that my peers have done through the online learning system.

A few days ago after registration and me catching up on the coursework. One of the staff at the university had told me that maybe I should stop for this year and just re-start next year as I have missed crucial bits and was told that I was basically going to fail (even though I was not told about any of this during registration or by any other staff member that there would be issues like this after me applying for the course through clearing.) So either option was to stop and do the course next year, or continue and basically fail.

This disheartened me to pursuing the course and made me think that applying for the course was a stupid decision. For context, I am studying Paramedic Science.

But thankfully, with the support of my family and friends I think I have made the right decision in continuing to pursue the course.

I do think I have the capacity to catch up and prove them wrong, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone had any similar experience when they applied for a course through clearing.

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