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I'm resitting psychology AS level, help??

I'm resitting my AS psychology from CIE and was wondering what to expect. I've been studying everyday for this since i got my results back but frankly speaking I have no idea what to expect as my teacher hasn't guided me at all.
Will the exam papers have the same questions as the papers I did previously? Or will it be a new paper? How can I look for mistakes I made and improve?
Please help me!
It will be 100% a new paper, I took CIE biology but swapped to Edexcel. Usually what I'm doing is I'll first make sure I know all the things that the paper will ask and reviewed them nicely, then you practice past papers, make sure to time youself. And after you're done with it you mark yourself and see what did you do wrong, and then you can review the part that you messed up and continue with another past paper until you've ran out of them. Hope it helps:smile:
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