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Middle Ear Infection & attending uni [need help]

Hi all. I'm currently doing a foundation year, and haven't had a great start to uni.

First off, I do get DSA Taxi allowance, and the taxi company that SF let me use was bad, I complained to them two weeks ago, so the taxi company has shut my account down and failed to resolve this. DSA Team hasn't got back and missed the last two weeks of uni.

Now, both of my ears were blocked. My right ear was blocked a few months ago but was unblocked, and then blocked again a few weeks ago. Doctors said it's probably wax build-up and told me to use olive oil. That ended up blocking my ear more. My left ear has been blocked just recently.

I went to a specialist to get my ears cleaned by doing ear irrigation to my ears. The specialist showed me that I had a "nasty" ear infection, with inflammation and a lot of pain when she went in there to clean it up.

The specialist managed to clean as much as she can, however, there is still infection, swelling and inflammation in the ears and I need to see my GP.

What should I do with my university? I have told them about the DSA taxi issue, but now, I feel like they might think I'm pushing it too far when I inform them about my ears, since I can barely hear anything.
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Surely an infection would clear up with some treatment? Why do you need to tell the DSA team about it?
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Re ears, you get a sick note and give it to the uni.

For the previous 2 weeks you could still have got a taxi to uni, or maybe arranged a lift rather than miss a fortnight. You really need to have been pushing harder to get that aspect resolved.

You need to be proactive and send a separate communication explaining what you will do to make up for what you are missing.

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