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I hate how money would make me happier and life easier

I wanna do a year abroad, go somewhere far away, learn the language and culture, explore that country, tick it off my bucket list. However I hate it how it costs so much, the tuition and accommodation, of course i need to keep looking and theres a likely chance that i'll have a job in university. Even if i get a part time job, it still wont probably enough bc of flights and other extra costs like food. I just hate how money is holding me back and how theres a chance that I wont be able to go, go and explore the world or do anything I want. I dont want to miss out on a once in a lifetime experience. I just hate how important money is, that if you dont have enough, you're freedom becomes more limited.

I'm not looking for advice, this was just a rant. lmao and thats just the start of it
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Agree money is an enabler for many good experiences and there’s a lot of hardly fair inequality around. Study hard, get a good job and make your dreams come true. I’ve done some superb travel through my job
FR, it really hits when ur broke broke. Like, some people say that money is not happiness, but some people genuiely feel happy and find it with money. I wanna travel the world so bad and explore places that seem interesting to me and literally anything fun in life however it becomes so unrealistic when you don't have it physically. About jobs, for me i want a high-specialised job but it's going to take me such a long time to get that goal, whereas my peers might've already had their goals and enjoying their lives :/

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