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Final PGCE placement struggles


I deferred my final PGCE placement so I am completing it now (September-January). I have been placed on a cause for concern because of my tone (apparently it is quite flat), a lack of energy in my lessons and it is taking me too long to plan.

One of my goals is to teach at 50% and I am doing this currently. I am just not planning for 50% of the lessons (around 30% and delivering the additional 20% my school-based mentor plans ).

I am just quite uncomfortable by some of the comments my university tutor made yesterday. She sat with me yesterday and practised “smiling” with me. She told me that it needs to “look natural” in the classroom and so she asked me multiple times to “smile for her.” In addition to this, I was asked to put my hair behind my ears to “become more physically open for the children.” My hair has always been down and I haven’t worn it up since around 2014.

It is not particularly helpful in respect of teaching and I had an internal panic the entire time I was with her. I realise I am probably being too sensitive though.
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this is all quite weird sounding. you need to write all this stuff down in a journal, when it happened, what was said to you. talk to your pgce tutor.

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