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Hi All!

As you know, it's that time of the year when many universities are having Open Days. As parents, what do you think is most useful/important on Open Days?

Do you put a focus on accommodation? Academics? Societies/Clubs? Location? Have you got any tips for parents/students attending their first Open Days this year?

Put your best advice below!
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I would say, for your first open day try and find a university that's not too far away and perhaps one that's not a contender for hot favourite, if your son/daughter is at all prone to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. They get into the swing of it more as they go along. If you've invested a lot of time and money into the trip you're going to feel resentful if they decide they want to go home before you think they've seen everything. Same goes for if they're not sure what subject they want to study. Go to your most local uni and try out some different subject talks.

Welcome talk, subject talk, plus careers/work experience/study abroad talk if they're interested in that. Accommodation is just a lottery depending on which one the uni decides to have open on the day. Wander around the campus and wander OFF the campus to see what the surrounding area is like.

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