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Masters with 2.2?

I'm currently studying an LLB in Malta and my average is shaping up to be a high 2.2 (68% since our 2.1 is 70%). However, I really want to complete an LLM in the UK, but most of the unis I'm interested in require a 2.1 (Southampton, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Exeter, Nottingham, Newcastle, York, Leeds, QMUL and Sheffield).

Should I apply anyways? The conversion for the degree is that a Maltese 2.1 (70% or more) is equivalent to a UK 2.1 (which is a lower average). I really want to achieve this dream but I don't know whether I have a shot at all.

I would appreciate some insight as to whether I should apply and whether I'd actually have a shot at gaining a place as an international student.

Thanks :smile:
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