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MPhil Ethics of A.I., Data & Algorithms - Application Advice

Hi! This is well in advance - but I'm hoping to receive helpful responses regardless!

I am currently in my second year studying for a BSc in Computer Science (Predicted 1st Class). We have no electives this year but in third year I'm taking A.I., H-C Interaction, Cryptology and Applied Data Science.

Despite being an engineer, I have always thrived more in discussion and philosophical fields. I'm a good debater and read in my free-time on philosophy, theism and took a course at Edinburgh on Evolution/Intelligence. As a result, I am particularly interested in the MPhil Ethics of ADA course at Cambridge - particularly because the institute that runs it is one I stay up to date with and whole-heartedly agree with their research purposes. The course also presents me an opportunity to combine technical knowledge, with my strengths in debate, analysis and critical thinking for my own research purposes - in a field I am super interested in!

However, I am aware that my course is incredibly technical. I do not write essays other than lab reports which tend to be focused on quantitative analysis as opposed to well written research papers.

Is there anything I can do in my remaining 2nd year to better prepare myself? I'm aware my university does let you do teaching units 'electives' - which are from any field and you don't get a grade but you do gain the skills.

Like I said - I am aware this is super early! But I do not want to be caught out later down the line having missed an opportunity to do something earlier.

Any advice would be much appreciated! :smile:

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