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Retake my disso

I have to retake it, but lost all my motivation in order to start it. Any tips on how to motivate myself as i feel like i don't enjoy the chosen topic i have
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Yes - Talk to it as if it something nasty stuck to you. Devote your life, 24/7, your every waking moment to this until this is completed. Nothing else matters. Decide that this is the singularly most important block to your life right now. Imagine you are on house arrest. That you cannot go outside or enjoy yourself until you have delivered this. Take a deep breath and go for it.

Get angry and dispassionately talk to it. Find out what it needs. Do not allow yourself any rewards or happy things in life until you have completed it.
Give all of your time to this disgusting heap of cr*p

Talk to it, break it down into small portions and start. Get it done. A portion a day for the next x days and just grit your teeth and do it. Talking about it will not get it done. Clear your social events, just start typing now. Set a minimum number of words for an hour. The sooner you start the better. Because at the moment it is a festering sore and the longer it goes unfinished the more it will hurt you and the less you will feel inclined to do it. It doesn't matter how brilliant you have been on your course, if you don't get this done you will have diddly. Then you will have lost all of the huge amounts of hard work you have ever put in for the last 2 to 3 years and the pain will be even greater and more permanent.

Move mountains. Dig deep and get going. Start right now - today

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