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changing sixth forms

i’m in year 12 and really struggling with my mental health at the moment. i feel like moving to a college may help slightly, as getting up at 5:30 every day to stay in sixth form until 15:45 is draining, and the college i’d move to has the majority of my secondary friends there including my best friend. i feel out of place at my new sixth form as all the girls who went to the lower school know eachother, and i just don’t get along with the new girls as much as i’d like to. i feel really lonely and it’s not helping. im just worried that moving at this point will affect me academically as they would’ve started teaching different parts of certain courses to my current school, im just scared i won’t be able to catch up two months in. im used to the buildings and schedule at my sixth form already and im just struggling making the decision. any advice?
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You should give it some time, as you may end up making some friends
I'm in yr 12 too and I stayed at my secondary school but the externals that have joined have made many friends.
However, mental health is very important and if you feel that the stress is getting worse then you may want to consider moving to a school were you feel more at ease
But also if catching up on missed work makes you feel more stressed then you might want to try being more open to teachers about the stress of work load at your current school and find a group of friends that will support you through and through

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