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ATAS with delayed course start date

Hi! I applied ATAS for a MRes program in Mechanical Engineering in mid July (I admit this is a bit late) where the program was due to start on 18th September. on 27th of July I get an email from ATAS team to ask me to provide my undergraduate course in the section of previous study. I had an Integrated Master degree from a UK university and I have filled the details of that course the first time I submitted. So I guess they have mistakenly taken that degree as my Master degree without noticing that is a 4 year integrated course. I then write an email to them hoping to correct this, but did not get a reply until a few days before my course start date and consequently I requested a course delay where the new course start date was 6th of November. on 20th of Septmeber I found that the ATAS page showed "complete" just like when you first filling the whole fourm so I guess due to some unknown reason (probably because it was over the course start date) I need to submitted again and thus I did. Before I submitted, I changed the course start date to the new one (just as on my updated offer) along with a brief statement that the course was an integrated course. A few days ago I still did not get a result and it is clear that I will not be able to make it before this start date and thus I requested for another course delay to January, now what I am most concerned about is do I need to reapply for an ATAS because I have delayed my course again? (especially when the course start date would be a "past date" when I apply my visa, if I get the current ATAS certificate a few weeks later) The current status of my submission is "submitted". All your suggestions and thoughts are welcome. What do you guys recommend me to do to get my ATAS sorted? Thanks!

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