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I've got a crush on someone in a professional environment. They're so talented in what they do, I'm just fascinated.

I thought they gave me signs they liked me back. We're both shy people, I think we find it hard to talk to each other.

My crush, found someone new...who I know in the professionally. I guess my crush is more relaxed around that person, than they are to me. I respect that.

I know that I am a nice and kind person. I show empathy and respect towards others. I'm not trying to be perfect.

But I am broken, that they've found someone else. I blame myself for it, because I'm nervous and shy. I look in the mirror and question why is my crush scared of me?

I always hear comments that I'm "beautiful" or "gorgeous" but I don't feel that. Does my crush see me like that?

I just wanted to let my feelings out.

What can I do?
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Your crush isn't 'scared' of you; why would you make a silly assumption like that?

You haven't engaged with them so they don't know you're interested and can't find out if the two of you are compatible. Looks aren't everything and don't sustain a relationship. You'll have to work on overcoming your shyness and start talking to people to get to know them better. But remember crushes are usually one-way things so don't be desperate and don't read too much into their words or gestures.

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