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I think my ex crush likes me what is ur opinion

Last year I used to like this boy who I was obsessed with and this guy would never ever pay attention to me. He would always avoid eye contact whenever I walked past him but one time he just turned around and looked at me whilst walking. He can make eye contact with me normally like whenever he walks into class but never up close. But yeah so he never did anything and this really ****ed me off so much.

Couple months later, I started liking his friend because his friend is so much prettier than him. I didn’t know he even existed I only knew because for some weird reason I got switched to his maths class (my crush and ex crush are both in the same maths class) to add on to the drama, they both sit right in front of me in maths on Fridays. So my crush, his friend tried speaking to me twice, and me and the guy who I personally sit next to talk sometimes. I don’t know if it’s because of this but my ex crush always takes the opposite direction to avoid me whenever it’s just me and him in like the hallways.

If there are other people he would take the normal way but if it’s just us two he purposely goes the opposite way. I remember one time I was walking down the stairs and he was in front of me once he realised I was coming down my ex crush purposely took the other direction to avoid me . My ex crush 100% knows I like his friend because I blatantly stare at my crush and irdc if he does know.

Anyway whilst i was liking his friend, my ex crush turned around and looked at me before leaving class and then turned away. Then he one time wakes into class looking at me and left class looking at me. Which was surprising considering the fact that this guy did NOTHING last year. When he left class he turned around to look at me again to see if I was behind him. Then whilst walking with my crush, he turned around and looked at me. Whilst walking home he also turned around and looked at me. This didn’t all happen in the same time period this all happened in between September and end of October on random days. Then when we had an exam I turned around to search for my crush, and then I see my ex crush already staring at me so I quickly turned away and was weirded out.
Now my ex crush doesn’t really do anything like this was on sept oct period not now but still.

He doesn’t stare or make constant eye contact or get shy but he did do this. I don’t know if he likes me or liked me. He does nothing now but why does he turn around to see if I’m there if he doesn’t like me you know.

Please tell me ur opinions, I don’t care if he likes me now but since my current crush is now acting like a b I might as well go back to this one ☝️
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I guess you have to talk to him. I know guys aren't confident and sometimes shy. My guy friend told me they don't understand little hints. You should be straight. Maybe start from friendship to allow him to be comfortable with you?

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