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Unfair employer

I feel like my manager is not fair on me. I used to be based on reception where I had to deal with customers then she moved me with the rest of the team few months ago in an office. The rest of the team get 2 two days working from home and I get only one. The last time she mentioned she would review this and see how things go meaning that I could get two days like the team. Now she said she will review the job description as I'm in the process of promotion. Mind due I start the promotion last year in May and she still hasn't done it for me. Whereas the other colleague been promoted within months. Also she's changing my desk to the entrance door so that I can deal with people coming in the office as she said the rest of the team are busy to deal with that and I should be the one doing it as its part of my job. Now it seems like she won't give me the two days as she will refer to the job description and say I need to be more days in the office. Also during covid we used to be open and she made me sat by the entrance in the cold to deal with people in the building. Do you think uts unfair?

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