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Worried about son at university

My son started uni in September, 50 miles from home. He stays in halls.
Very quickly he got a girlfriend and was spending the majority of time in her flat mixing with her flatmates and doing everything with them. He was having a great time until now
He split up with the girl last week as things were moving too quickly . Still talking though . Obviously very upset but also now very lonely as he isn't spending the time in her flat with everyone but is now back in his flat. He didn't join any clubs or make any friends outside this group and now it has collapsed around him .
In hindsight they rushed into the relationship and unfortunately he made friends with her flatmates and not his own.
I have suggested that he needs to try and make new friendship, go to clubs etc but he's not having any of this.
Please how can I help him get over this relationship when I am miles away and also he sends limited messages etc
Am worried sick about him. He was loving life a few weeks ago and now he's miserable. I know it will eventually pass and early days at uni but just want to be able to give him a hug and support him.
Give him time, it's only been a week!
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So, let him know you’re there for him if he needs you. I guess though that your job was to get him to where he can handle these challenges independently. And one of the opportunities of uni is to experience independent living. I reckon he’ll come though it
Let him know that you're there for him if you needs advice or support.
It's also an opportunity for him to experience and go through this situation, that's how we learn and in the future, it makes us stronger and able to come back from it faster.

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