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I don’t have many friend?

I used to at uni and now we’ve all drifted apart and I really have about 4 female friends ( that don’t know each other)

I have 4 gay boy friends (they’re great and I consider them my besties) but I’m just worried for my future wedding. It’s going to be basically so many of my boyfriends friends and hardly any of mine.

Idek if I’ll have any bridesmaids I mean how sad is that? I have no siblings and no female cousins and the friends I do have won’t even know each other!

I’m 24 and not even engaged yet so Idek why I’m worried but where can I go to make new friends? There are some nice girls at the gym I go to but am I too old to make friends??
Its common for people to go their own ways after uni as they've got different goals and paths in life.
Its good enough to have 4 female friends, so why not try to deepen the relationship with them instead of making new ones?

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