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is it normal for your life to revolve around your crush?

ever since i can remember, whenever i get a crush my whole life begins to revolve around them. and, come to think of it, ever since my first crush, there hasn't been a day of my life where i haven't had an intense crush on someone. i've never had a minor or casual crush, every crush i've ever had has lasted for years, until they are no longer in my life or i develop a new crush.
i've never actually been in a relationship though unfortunately. it's just that whenever i have a crush it becomes all-consuming. suddenly all my thoughts revolve around them all the time. every waking moment is spent thinking about them in some capacity. everything i do centres around 'what would they think if they saw me doing this right now'. i just want to know if this is normal, because i don't understand how people can function like this.
No, not normal. That's obsession and living in fantasy - the people in question would prob be freaked out knowing this.
That just feels like wasting valuable time.

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