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help!! History of art questions from a y11

I am a year 11 student and am currently choosing my a-levels and I was wondering:

-Which a-levels are best for history of art? (Except art- I take it at GCSE level and am good at it, but it's too time consuming, and English because it's one of my worst subjects)

-What work experience can I do for the subject?

-People who are taking the degree, what job are you hoping to get after graduating?
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History, and Classical civ probably useful in general terms of dealing with historical sources (albeit more textual than visual sources but similar principles). RS might be thematically useful since a lot of art of interest to art historians across different regions and periods depicts or is related to religious traditions.

Languages are quite useful too since a lot of scholarship is written in French/German/Italian (and other languages although I gather those are particularly common) I believe. Some history of art undergrad degrees require you to do a language anyway too so, having some background is useful for that (Courtauld does for example I believe; I think it's also encouraged at least if not required at Oxford, and Warwick has everyone learn Italian to spend a semester in Italy I think?). If your goal is a PhD in art history then I think it will be inevitable you will need to learn at least one language of scholarship (if not more) and quite possibly one or more languages relating to the art tradition you are looking at.

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