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Why are young men so different than before?

Why are young men so different than before?


If you analyse historic 19th and 20th century battles.For example, Waterloo and the Battle of the Somme.You had soldiers who were majority 17-19 charge inface of certain death, but they would still carry on.However if you were to put modern Western 17-19year olds in such a position desertion would be rampant . Is this due to the idea that Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times"
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Religion and ties to one's own nationality are less, for good or bad, since then.
Who would the young people be fighting for? For some lifelong unemployed 60 year olds with hatchet faces who scour Poundland and B and M? Fighting on behalf of some 18 year old ultrawoke student in an ivory tower who enjoyed a gap yah in Kenya?
For a billionaire prime minister who looks like he'd regard a paper cut as a war wound?

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