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Greetings. I am a 3rd year uni student, currently. I have used thus forum before, but on a different account. Right now, I am seeking some serious advice concerning an issue I am facing.

Basically, I am studying under a contractual merit/social criteria bursary granted by the government of Mauritius. However, I fear that somebody is trying to get me to lose my scholarship. I have never committed academic misconduct ever, but I have made a few mistakes online (nothing too serious, but still not legal) prior to my joining uni. Now, I fear that someone is trying to expose me and I fear the worst. He's basically a friend that would even have sleepovers with me and play football every week with my crew. We had a falling out after he deemed one of our friends to be a goodfornothing manchild, and tried to defame him on campus (some screenshot story).
The guy was good at trolling people online, and he offered to prank a chick that used to bully me (offline) instructing me to send him her number (via whatsapp) around 2-3 years back. His crew also had a bunch of troll accounts which they used to just dm people dumb things, and such. I may have used that once. He definitely kept all of that sort of evidence to use against me. And i know for certain that she dislikes me. So i cant exactly apologise. So to my understanding, he just has to go inform her, get her to report me to the police, and then my record is damaged. At the same time, i cant exactly just sit back and let this destroy my life.

My question is; if he snakes on me, could I risk having to pay back all the scholarships funds? The contract mentions nothing about this nor does it mention penalties for such activities. It only mentions termination or suspension of the scholarship. That too in the event of academic misconduct.

Additionally, is there anything I can do to fix this? It's been affecting my life severely for the past months. Many thanks in advance!
Unfortunately not much anyone can seriously advise you on here. Depending on what you did and how severe the university deems that to be you need to decide whether it would be best you seek out someone at the university who can hopefully help you (many universities have a student union or separate student advice centre which isn’t part of the university but is affiliated with it). Sometimes it’s better to be honest with someone.
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Tbh I doubt it will amount to anything.As we don't know what you have done it is difficult to.advise .He surely risks being implicated himself.I would block all these people and get on with your life.He seems to get off on using his power over people.Don't give him room in your head and he has no power.

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