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Colleague embarrassed me

I've been busy working on a project for a client, with a very tight deadline.

My colleague needed me to cover their shift while they went out of the office.

I explained my situation and told them in the email I'm busy working on a urgent project for a client, but I will try to help.

They were very rude towards me, they said their work was more important than mine, my work is less important.

The email went out to the whole team for everyone to see.

They made me feel embarrassed, intimated like I done something wrong.

All I told them, was that I was busy.

Any advice? I don't want to talk to my colleague right now

I didn't do anything to them
Forward the insulting email to your line manager and ask that they intervene as you feel your colleague has been unprofessional and tried to bully and embarrass you and it's not good for team morale or cohesion.
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Let the anger settle for a day or two, then decide if you want to discuss it with them directly or with your boss instead. If you do reply to the email in the meanwhile, do so in a considered and neutral way, removing the team from copy. Try not to worry, it does seem a rude way to behave and others will judge this accordingly

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