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Psychology 2024 A*AB

Hey! Just wondering what are the best psychology courses with predicted grades A*AB :smile:
Warwick psychology could be an option
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Southampton may be another option.
Lancaster University is a top 10 university and has a requirement of AAB (with a 6 in GCSE maths) for psychology :smile:
-Kat (2nd year psychology undergrad at Lancaster University)
Hi there!
I don’t know about your particular desires regarding university choice, would you be able to elaborate please? If you are only considering the most reputable social science universities then I may not be able to provide useful information.
However, depending on your circumstances I know a good range of very lovely universities in London, as that is where I’m based and study.
As I’m bias (I study here) and you’re clearly very academic, id firstly recommend you look into Northeastern London. I have had the most wonderful time here and I’m not just saying that! They offer psychology degrees that are catered to your specific interests as you are able to pick elective subjects to pursue along side. It’s located in central London: St Katherine’s Docks Tower Hill, and it has a very prestigious and bespoke background, with partner universities in New York and Boston in America, which you would be able to do a placement year at!

If that doesn’t interest you then please do explain what you are specifically looking for in a university and I can try to help!

Lana :smile:
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Original post by haechansgf
Hey! Just wondering what are the best psychology courses with predicted grades A*AB :smile:

Southampton is AAB
Loughborough is AAB
Birmingham is AAA -but lowers with EPQ grade a
York - AAB
Leeds - AAB

This is just from where I was loking this year for applying there is still more out there so unsure you research all options
Original post by haechansgf
Hey! Just wondering what are the best psychology courses with predicted grades A*AB :smile:

Hi @haechansgf ,

These look like great grades and I think you would have quite a lot of options.

To help narrow down your search, consider some of these things before looking at the degree itself that universities offer as you will be there for the next few years:


Do you want a campus based university or city based?


What services would you like from a university? e.g. pastoral/academic/career


Costs of living in the area

You may not have a preference for some of these but you may want to consider them. After this, I would look at the universities Psychology degrees and look at the following:


Modules they cover/topics - are they interesting to you?


Is it BPS accredited?


Is there room for experience? ie do they provide opportunities for students through the course


What have past students said about it?


Are there any videos/pictures to help give you an insight into the course?

Finally, I would consider visiting open days and going prepared with questions. Staff and student ambassadors are usually around to help answer any questions you might have.

I am a final year student at Kent studying Psychology. I know how scary picking just one university can be so I hope these tips help! I am here to answer anything uni related or Kent related.

I will say though that I genuinely love the teaching and community within Psychology at Kent. I plan to pursue postgraduate studies here too. To find out more about out course you can use this link:

All the best,
University of Kent Student Rep

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