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Best pieces of advice? How to get ahead as studying gcse rn?Thanks to any responses
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Studying GCSE computer science is a great start toward getting ahead.

I'd recommend two things:

Get the A-level course book and follow along the class with that. A lot of what you learn in GCSE overlaps with A-level as A-level topics can't assume that you already know GCSE CS.

Get a subscription to Code Academy or similar to incrementally build up your programming concepts.

The A-level course book goes into a lot more depth than in GCSE. For example, the Boolean algebra sections are very similar between AQA GCSE and AQA A-level. But A-level goes on to cover circuits you can build with them.

There's also a benefit to flicking through these books and look at the examples and other diagrams. The sooner you're exposed to the concepts, the more natural they'll feel when you pick it up in A-level.

And if you want to get ahead during the holidays, you can set mini-challenges for yourself that seem managable. Start with the laguage you're learning in school and move on to Python (if you aren't already using it). Doesn't matter if that isn't your exam board, they'll all be great practice for you.

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