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Lnat preparation (2 weeks left!)

Hi so I have my lnat very soon but due to poor circumstances and choices I haven’t had time to prep until now. I’m worried I won’t be prepared in time and my schools not providing me support. I would be thankful if anyone could give me any advice to save time since I don’t have long to prepare and dp you think I’ll be fine if I’ve only got abt 2weeks of prep?
i did v limited revision, but i did practice the mcq with arbito and it was insanely worded. When readin, read the questions firstand then scan the text for adjectives + adverbs (these show the writers arguements) that method rly helped in the real testSection b - aim for a quick intro with like a sentence with “in this essay i aim to….”, i just did a basic PEEL structure for it, 1 + 2paragraphs for, with 3rd paragraph countering ur point (then disprove it), and a conclusion linking to ur intro
I am in the exact same boat! Mines on the 20th December and I have no help from my school at all!

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