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Hi! So my lnat is in just over 2 weeks and I have not started preparing yet. School has just been demanding so much from me with ucas, class tests every week, endless piles of homework etc. And i have been prioritising these class tests because of predicted grades (need those high predicted grades for law) . I’ve got the first draft of my coursework due next week that I’m no where near completing and I also have caring responsibilities. I remember the lnat every now and then but now I’m really starting to panic. I don’t have the time to prepare for it and I also don’t know where to start. If anyone does have any advice on the lnat and managing it amongst a plethora of other things I would be incredibly grateful :smile:
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I have been using Arbitio to prepare, doing 1 practice test and 1 essay per day and its really improved my score in less than a week. Its difficult to prepare for as the question subjects vary but you can prepare yourself for the question format and get used to the essay structure. Try the free practice test and if you like it use my discount code for 10% off 10JOEL61
The essay questions seem quite vague and you can pretty much relate everything back to something you have learned at A-level, just make sure your arguments are balanced. Also make sure your paragraphing is super clear as I was marked down on not leaving a big enough space :/
There are also some free tests on the LNAT website and The Lawyer Portal :smile:

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