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Does anyone have any book recommendations for the LNAT?
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Original post by CatandCat
Does anyone have any book recommendations for the LNAT?

This may help.

"Try them all before you buy anything. If you don't have the time, perhaps the free resources are good enough for your prep. The scores in the official tests are the best indicators. Others may be too easy or too hard. So, don't get over-confident or demotivated. Read all the explanations in the official tests. Watch this before you start -

- Official source. 3 free tests. (2 pdf and 1 online). All full length. Very very important. Answers with explanations.

- free sample test with 3 questions. No free full length test.
(Law-mind, Studymind, Medicmind, oxbridgemind are all same (?).)

- 4 Theme based tests and 4 mini tests. Plenty of questions!. (Most passages have 5 questions each (?), unlike in the LNAT, where there are 6 passages with 3 and 6 passages with 4 questions.)

- 4 free passages with questions (pdf). No online / full-length free test. Answers & explanations are in separate pdf.

- 1 free full length online test. 90 essay questions.

- 1 passage, with 4 questions. No full length test.

- 1 full length online test. One of the popular sites for LNAT. Website says 2019 and 2020 entry. Check when updated.

- 1 free pdf full-length paper. Answers are immediately below the questions. (A little counter-intuitive).

- 2 passages, 8 questions. meh."

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