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I can't Improve

Hey guys, I'm 17 and in the past few months i've massively been struggling with maths at the university admissions test level despite the fact I’ve always gotten top grades at A level , I’ve come to realise it’s likely due to the fact that I’m good at applying mathematical concepts like a machine but I’m not actually good at maths and can’t solve these challenging questions that require a great deal of critical thinking.Having failed my other university entrance exam (MAT used by Oxford) I now want to attempt the STEP used by Cambridge but have a lot of doubt over whether I stand any chance considering how I couldn’t even do well at the easier test.
I have been trying to logically understand things and use inquiry based learning to deepen my understanding but I just end up wasting loads of time and barely doing anything.I have roughly 6 months left.What should I do?
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It could be worth looking into getting a 1 on 1 tutor. My brother had one during year 10/11 and it really helped him bc it's focused on the areas that you personally need help with rather than generic help that teachers would give to the whole class. You could also see if your school offers any additional support or stay behind after class and ask your teacher things. I frequently had 30 min sessions with my chemistry teacher during our lunch break which was very useful.

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