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Section headings in a report?

Hi all, UCL student here.
I got 80 / 100 on a report, but my only two improvements were that I didn't write "Introduction" as a heading when it was the introduction, and I forgot error bars for some graphs. I understand the error bars bit, but I do not agree with the headings. Surely I can't lose 1-10 marks just because I didn't say "introduction" and then wrote my introduction. If it's the first paragraph, surely you already know its the introduction XD.

Let me know what you guys think and if I should try to fight this.
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What other feedback did you get, in addition to the two suggested improvements?
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In general terms it's next to impossible to get 100 for reports, essays etc. It doesn't happen, really. There are always ways to make them better, and there is not a way to make them 'perfect'.

For written assesmsents, the rubric does not really tot up to 100.

Not sure how you could 'fight it'. 'Fighting' a first class mark would be very curious indeed, and you'd be challenging academic judgement, which is not allowed. You'd he challenging it on a first-class mark, too, which would be laughed at.

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