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I just don't feel ready for my A level exams

Two years ago, I would have been preparing for my GCSEs. I wasn't stressed out about them, as I knew I'd do alright, I naturally did quite well (probably not as well as I could have, but I'll take a 9 in a subject I didn't care about one bit any day).

Now, things are different. I'm not doing well, I'm not getting good grades, and if I don't try, I will almost certainly fail. I feel really unprepared and stressed out about this, and I don't even know how to improve academically in any way that works
There is still plenty of time before you have to sit your A Levels. There is time to improve. Don't burn yourself out stressing now (easier said than done, I know). Are you actually not doing well, or just not as well as you want to be doing in May? E.g. in my school for chemistry it was normal to start very low in year 12, go up to an A standard and then drop back down with new year 13 content and work back up, that was expected (although prior to my year my school barely ever got As in chemistry). That may be true for your case. Find the revision method that works best for you, do put in the work but don't make it your entire existence (especially this early on), make sure you do past papers/mock essays etc so you have an idea on where you are. If you have any problems then, ask your teachers for support.
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Original post by Cheemgles
if I don't try, I will almost certainly fail.

That's ok because conversely, if you do try then you will almost certainly pass! I've found A-levels aren't like GCSE's you can't get by not doing much revision or just watching a few youtube vids you need to be practicing actual questions. You still have plenty of time so you can definitely turn this around if you put the effort in.
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I'm not doing as well as I want to be doing in may, but I have no clue how to effectively study, so if I can't get my grades up they'll probably go down
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You need to be practicing questions. Do you have a school book you work from with questions you can practice? I also use the CGP books - read through sections and answer questions. Physics and Maths tutor website is good for questions and doing past papers is really important.

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