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MPhil Philosophy tips?

I'm an Australian graduate applying to philosophy postgrad courses in the UK, but my undergrad is a bit of a mixed bag.

I have a First in PPE but only averaged 75% (my uni's honours schema weighs later year subjects more heavily). That was 80% in Phil, 79% in Pols, and a very poor 59% in Econ.

I am applying to oxbridge even though my chances are slim to none (seems a shame not to) but am mainly interested in what I can do to help my chances at Edin, UCL, and King's. If I were a UK citizen I'd apply everywhere but it doesn't seem worth the tuition for me unless I get into somewhere quite good.

What other unis are both good for Phil and a good student experience?
What are my odds for the places I am applying?
Will any of them not care about my poor Econ marks, and what could I do in my application for those that do?

Also interested in any comments or reccomendations you have!

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