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StarWatch Camping Site
Charge per person: £5 per night
Tent pitch: (ground surface) 10 at £12 per night
> 10 at £15 per night
Special offer: For every 5 nights you stay, only pay for 4.
Lila and Wassim are planning a stay at the StarWatch camping site.
They will:
share a tent between them,
both stay for a total of 10 nights,
use a tent with a rectangular base measuring 2.5 by 4.2 metres.
The holiday is just 9 weeks away and they each plan to save £12 per week from now until their holiday.
Will they save enough money to cover all their camping site charges? If the answer is 'yes' say how much extra
money they will save.
You must show all your working.
(edited 2 months ago)
due to there being 2 free days within the 10 day stay they only pay for 8. so 8*5=40 now you work out if the area is greater than 10m. (4.22.5)=10.5 which is >10 so its £15 for each of the 8 nights. now the cost of a tent is halfed per person due to the price being shared. so 158=120/2=60 per person. Now work out how much they each save in 9weeks. 9 times 12=108. so £108-£40-£60=£8 so they have £8 left

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