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History coursework help (please!!)

I’m doing my history coursework and i’m struggling on cases to choose, my question subject is on Brown v. Board, and i’m looking at Lovings v. West Virginia but i can’t choose a third

The question is, ‘To what extent was the ruling of Brown v. Board the most significant landmark ruling in promoting improvements of civil rights between 1863 and 1968?’

My exam board is AQA

Any help much appreciated:smile:
maybe hernandez vs texas? about how mexican americans were excluded from juries and this led to unfair trials
As a starting point, I would take your question and feed it into an AI/chatbot and let it find some leads, then read those leads and formulate an answer.
don't forget to talk about de jure vs de facto.
this is really important relating to civil rights.

i.e. did it actually make that much difference, yes the law changed (de jure) but in the reality (de facto) given many local school boards deliberately rigged housing areas, bus routes etc to prevent black kids getting to 'white' only schools, there was still de facto segregation.

also tangible vs intagible - it might not have had a huge tangible impact (see answer above) but it did have an intangible benefit as it gave the black community and the many millions of whit people who supported their cause, belief that their time had finally come i.e. reform was now possible given the Supreme Court now appeared to be on their side. This was an intangible benefit - hugely motivational ruling.

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