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How hard is it to get into Harvard for physics/chemistry as a British student?

My A-levels are all A* in physics, chemistry, maths, further maths.
Other than that I don't have a great amount of achievements/ extra-curriculars but I have some and can improvise/ try and make my essay good
What are the chances for Harvard?
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Firstly note that you don't apply for a specific major at the outset - you may be able to indicate a preference/interest, but you just apply to Harvard College "at large".

In any event, not really having any ECs is probably going to be a major issue. Excellent academics are a given, and you really need high level ECs on top of those.

Or to be a legacy applicant. I'm assuming neither of your parents went to Harvard though so, that's probably not an avenue.

However if you can afford the application fee and don't mind a good chance of rejection, no reason not to roll the dice :smile:

Although realistically I think there are probably better universities in the UK for either of those subjects (or both or the intersection i.e. chemical physics) which you certainly would be a competitive applicant for.
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Chances are low, by default, but there is no harm in trying.

When you are crafting your essay/story, try to pick a mission statement (something you actually care about outside of grades) and build on it. You don't get in just by having good grades, nor do you get in by virtue of ticking boxes with your application.

If your school has a US counsellor, get in touch with them. The US admissions landscape is very different to the UK, it's a much more involved and personal process.

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