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Guy that I like has had 9 bodies, overthinking quite a bit.

Weird title but couldn’t come up with anything better, I apologize for that.
-Male 20- Female 18-
Straight to the point. I like this guy, he is a very open and honest person. You ask him anything and he will answer you truthfully. The thing is we were talking about body counts (Idk why I did that to myself) I have had only one body count besides him, so when he told me his count I was just a bit upset. Not that I am judging him for anything, it’s his life, it’s his past, but the way he told me why he went with the other girls, and just certain little comments triggered my feelings.
My question is do men still find it special when it’s a new girl, or do they just remember their past relationships and judge based on that? I just can’t seem to shake off this thought in my mind, and just need to hear some opinions.

Also forgot to say but he told me he couldn't not look at a girl's butt. He said he would fail a " what do you look at first in a girl's body" type of game- test, I don't know how to feel...
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Well at least he’s transparent. I think there’s a high chance you’ll not be treated with the respect you hope for, but who knows

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