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Biological Sciences at UCL

I applied to UCL medicine this year and got above 3 but below 4 on my BMAT (section 1 and section 2) with a 3A on the essay section. I was wondering if I would be able to contact UCL and get them to transfer my application to the BSc Biological Sciences course since they have yet to contact me about the progress of my medicine application. I’ve heard of times where people have been able to transfer applications at the same university to a different course. Any suggestions?? My interest in medicine lies in research so doing a degree like Biological Sciences would help me gain a good foundational knowledge, and understand how to write papers before I do a post-grad medicine degree (4 years).

If anyone has anything to mention regarding any part of my comment feel free to leave a comment. Thank you in advance for any responses, it is much appreciated!

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