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Life as a Degree Apprentice at University of Chester

Kim, one of our Chartered Management Degree Apprentice tells us about her decision to take a Degree Apprenticeship at the University of Chester. Find out what life is like, both studying and working at the same time!

Name: Kimberley Dean

Apprenticeship: Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship


Why did I choose an apprenticeship?

After completing my A levels, I decided that I wanted to take the apprenticeship route rather than study a full-time degree. An apprenticeship appealed to me because it offered the chance to learn new skills and gain knowledge, whilst in a working environment. Although I like studying, I was eager to start my career and find that being able to apply the theory in a real-life situation really useful.

What does a typical day in my apprenticeship look like?

Every day in my apprenticeship can be different. I attend my university lectures every 8 weeks, where I learn the new knowledge for my module. This is a mixture of online and in-person lectures, where you are taught all the information that you need to know on the module topic.

I then have designated time every week (during my working hours) for my off-the-job tasks. This is when I will do my research, reading and writing for my assignment. The rest of the time, I complete my daily work for my job. This means that I have to complete my set projects and tasks, attend meetings and meet my deadlines.

This can sometimes be stressful; it means balancing lots of tasks and ensuring that I am making progress with my assignment, as well as with work. However, I make sure that I manage my time effectively by communicating with my colleagues to get the support that I need.

What has been my favourite module to study?

My favourite module so far has been the project planning and management module. At the time, I was in the middle of conducting a project in work, and this module meant that I had the right tools to effectively implement the change. It was a rewarding experience to see the tools and theory being utilised to make an improvement within my own working environment.

What do I like about studying an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship has provided me with the opportunity to utilise what I learn in the classroom in a working environment. My programme has modules covering lots of areas such as Digital Technology, Finance and Managing Projects. Covering these different areas of business, has broadened my knowledge in so many areas and I have then been able to use this to enhance my work. I now feel much more confident with making decisions, and enjoy the work that I do as I now have the tools to ensure that I can work more effectively.

What are my plans after the apprenticeship?

After my apprenticeship, I plan on using my new knowledge to further my career. I feel a lot more confident when tackling new projects and communicating with my team because of the new skills I have developed in my modules. Therefore, I would like to work on more projects in work and continue to input into the improvement of my organisation.

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