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Christmas party

Tonight is the firm-wide staff Christmas party. I decided not to go; my reasoning is that I would be too scared of over sharing/ being drunk/ making a fool of myself /not having a good time. I have no issues with those things (to an extent) outside of work.
I am also quite shy and find myself sometimes overwhelmed in big groups especially when they are mostly strangers.

I’m just wondering whether my attitude to it is misplaced. I work in audit with massive clients and I seem to have an issue with making friends at work because I struggle to be overly personal with them; the rest of my cohort seems quite happy to share all kinds of things but I have a mental barrier against that. I’d like to lower the barrier next year but I don’t know how.
I had that same problem too when I'm at school, not being able to speak to others, making friends and all that. In fact, I was so quiet that people almost forgot about me.

If you want a change, then try talking to one of your colleagues that you feel comfortable with. Have a small convo between yourselves whether it is at work or after. Do this everyday, don't let it slide!

I started talking to one of my friends when we're not in a big group, perhaps you should do the same?

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