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Nervous about talking to my crush at Christmas party!

I am 23 and am going to a staff Christmas Party next week, my work crush is going too…

I’ve never been to one of these as I’ve only just started working after graduating uni, most staff are a lot older than me but my crush is one of few young staff. We have spoken a few times so he knows I exist XD but never as much as surface level small talk as we are always busy in our schedules and rarely bump into each other.

So this party will really be an opportunity for me to have an actual conversation with him. I’m really nervous. I’ve been single for 1.5 years and before that I have only been in one relationship which lasted 4 years so I have no idea how flirting even works anymore.

Going to this is already a big step for me because I am naturally quite introverted but I’m trying to be more outgoing. I know I sound really dumb saying this, because we’re not in school anymore, but my crush does seem ‘out of my league’ in all honesty as he’s so athletic and tall and confident and I assume he has a specific type which I am not. Whilst I do take care of myself physically, I’m not necessarily a devoted gym girl, I was never loud or a party animal and I’m very petite.

I’m just very nervous and am scared that I’m going to embarrass myself talking to him, I don’t even know what to say. Any advice would be appreciated!

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