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9/10 for myself

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The bad far outweighed the good.
Probably about -2 now based on the last two months.
The year started off amazingly, was a little meh in the middle and seems to be going fairly well now. I’ll give it a 7/10
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3/10 for me, life was going great until around September and the last few months have been absolutely disastrous
For me, 7.5/10.

If we were basing it off 2023 until September, I'd give it around a 9. In this time, I think I had a major glow-up. In this time, I grew out my hair (I used to be a buzzcut merchant), I started working out at home and put on a decent amount of muscle, I started eating better, I grew about 3 inches at 16/17 and cleared up my skin majorly in that time.

I also massively improved my social life. I was somewhat of an outcast before, which was largely my fault, as I took some things seriously and had a straight up bad attitude. I fixed this up, and now am on friendly terms with a vast amount of people.

I also did a lot of extracurricular things that were fun and successful that helped, and I found Year 12 to mostly be a blast. I had to adapt to being much more independent, as my dad moved to another country to work and my mum worked, so I had to learn how to take care of myself and have really improved my cooking.

Since October, things have been a bit rougher. Year 13 has been tough so far, with many school deadlines that I didn't manage all too well, and its been a bit less fun.

I couldn't fulfil one of my main goals of getting into a relationship, but overall, it was a quite good year.
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Original post by Avreil
9/10 for myself

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it was okay ig
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Losing my father at the start of the year was tough.

The plus is that I got to travel quite a bit, 3 new countries in the form of Norway, Andalucia, Ireland.

Minuses are that I'm currently beating myself up over feeling I've achieved nothing else this year, being entwined with a crap job, and I feel I am teetering on alcoholism.
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5/10 - there’s been lots of good but unfortunately also lots of bad to balance it out
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7/10 mainly because I passed my driving test first time.
7/10. Mostly good stuff, some bad stuff. The year has ended up in a weird note with a situation though, and some people think I've gone (more) bananas (than usual)
7/10. 2023's felt relatively normal compared to the last couple of years & I'm in a more positive frame of mind than I have been for a while.
4 cos life do be like that sometimes innit
Original post by Avreil
9/10 for myself

This year has been another crap year like the last 28 months.

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