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Chemistry and Biology during gap year to medicine?

Kinda a dumb question but I applied for engineering at various unis but after a recent engineering work experience that I found moderately interesting, I don't think I want to sit at a screen all day. Medicine seems like a career path where I can actively help people and not sit at a desk. However I don't do Chemistry, just Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Economics. It's been hard enough picking a degree between this and physics or something but I can't stop thinking about the different degrees and future careers and stuff.

Medicine is very competitive so i don't know if a gap year to do chemistry and bio is the correct decision, as I could not even get any offers. I just think I need some advice rn as I can't stop thinking about all of the different possibilities and career paths.
I'd suggest contacting the medical schools beforehand to verify if this will satisfy their entry criteria, but provided you got good results in your original A-levels and are just picking up the "missing" subjects this may be less of an issue?

Note you can actually apply to Newcastle medicine with any A-level subjects.
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Continue with the Engineering application but take some time out time to think. Spend the summer getting some relevant work experience before you make any major decision - something like working in a care home that will tell you if you are really ready for this. in September, make a decision - continue with Engineering, or dump that and apply through UCAS for Medicine for 2025 entry.

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