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Bad LNAT Score


I completed my LNAT a couple of days ago, and it went really badly (like, REALLY badly). I’m wondering how big of a chance I still have of receiving an offer from Glasgow Uni (they’re the only uni I’ve applied to that needs it). My personal statement is good, but my grades from S5 weren’t really. However, I’m in the MD20 category for my postcode and have other extenuating circumstances (I’m a young carer). I also completed REACH and am doing Top-Up. I was told that Glasgow is aiming to take on a certain percentage of MD20 students per year, but that last year they couldn’t hit it, so I’m in a priority category. Regardless, I really feel like I had a chance until I took the LNAT. I really think it’s ruined my chances. The fact that I have to wait months to hear back is killing me.

Any advice? Does anyone think I’ve still got a chance of receiving an offer?

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I don’t think they’re actually that strict on LNAT as far as i’m aware. As long as you’re above the contextual entry requirements it will probably balance itself out.

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