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I keep getting C's in A Level Biology

Any advice, tips and tricks, I almost always know the information and what each question is referring to but I keep getting C's. Sometimes I don't go into enough detail and sometimes I realise I knew all the information, I just didn't write it down.
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What board are you doing? I did AQA.

What I did was very boring but definitely worth it. I'll explain what I did:


Make notes on the whole of a chapter (mine were typically 15-25 pages notes because I used to write too much. I suggest you make notes but using much less pages with the same content quality).


Make sure you understand everything properly.


Get a blank piece of paper and just write all of your notes again and again and again, slowly start writing just using memory. Sometimes don't write, just talk to yourself as your hand starts hurting.


Do past paper questions. I was very bad at these and I hated them so so so much!!! Keep trying even if you get 1/4 marks, 2/4 marks. Try to remember what the question normally looks for to achieve the marks.

This is extremely boring and long, but just sit there and keep writing and writing and writing. It worked for me but it may not work for you. Give it a try, make sure you know the content, and keep trying to do past paper questions. I eventually got an A*. Personally, I did not do any past papers until couple months before my exams, and in my real exams I pretty much got exactly what I was getting in my mocks! Give it a try, hope it helps.

It is fine in Biology to lose marks, the grade boundaries are much much lower compared to other A-Levels. Just keep trying and you will succeed. I believe in you :smile:
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