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Sabotaging my work

I think some colleagues in my company are sabotaging my work. All the work I send is to high quality level and before sending my work I would ask for feedback to someone more experience than me.

Later on my senior boss would send my work back to me and tell me to sort it out. The work was looked completely different to what I had sent... like the colours would be dull and the text wouldn't match up correctly and their would be spelling errors.

I explained to my boss the situation, I told them the person who must have worked on my project and I showed my boss the original version which was already approved. But my boss still told me off because I should've stayed across on who messed up my work, it was my responsibility.

So it was my fault basically that my work got sabotaged.

This isn't the only time it happened to me.

I explained so many times that someone is messing up my work, but my boss just doesn't care.

I even told them who looked at my work before it was approved, but I still get criticised and told off.

I'm trying my best, but my boss thinks that I produce poor work. I get in trouble all the time because of this :frown:

I have evidence of times, dates and names too but they don't care

I think the person that is sabotaging my work , wants me to get in trouble and they're doing anything they can to get me fired.

I've not done anything wrong

what can I do?
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Next time send it directly to your boss and when you figure out who is sabotaging your work make a formal complaint and follow it through all the way.

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